Dinah O'Hearn (teh_dinahsaur) wrote,
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Please fill this out for me and post it as a comment! I will love you forever and ever!!! And then you can go ahead and put it in your journal, and when I see it, I will fill yours out in return!

1) What Hogwarts' student do I remind you of?
2) What Hogwarts' House will I be put in?
3) What Hogwarts' Teacher do I remind you of?
4) What's my Animagus form?
5) What class do I do the best in?
6) What is my Patronus?
7) What every flavor of Bertie Botts Every Bean am I?
8) What sort of wand do I have?
9) What Quidditch position do I play?
10) What animal do I take to school?

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