Dinah O'Hearn (teh_dinahsaur) wrote,
Dinah O'Hearn

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This morning, while I was riding my bike to school, I had the craziest idea.

What if I created a HP RPG that is specifically for Mary Sues and Gary Stus? I mean, how hilarious would that be? First off, it would give the players who have MS/GS tendencies a place to go, it would take those players out of the hair of the canon RPG mods, it would offer the opportunity for truly canon players to make fun of those with MS/GS tendencies while still playing with them in a game...

Slogan: Ever had an original character rejected from your choice RPG because it was too "Mary Sue" or "Gary Stu"? Well, the only way to be rejected from this RPG is if your character isn't Mary Sue/Gary Stu enough!


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