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IIIIIIIII'mmmmmmmmmm baaaaaaAAAAAAAaaaaaaaack!!!!

Anyone miss me? *ilh*

Anyways, so I'm ridiculously tan now! After spending the past 3 weeks in the middle of nowhere Arizona and all. I just auditioned for a new Harry Potter RPG, and it is looking good for my entry into it. And tomorrow I should be submitting an application for another one, which (amazingly) is actually consisting of many people who I used to RP with in my first ever RPG! And it was a fantastic RPG until all the mods had to leave for their various reasons... the new mods that took over put all their hearts into it, but it just wasn't the same. And besides, I love those people! And, the girl who plays Ginny is the same person as before! And I'll be applying for Luna again, and we both have the same accounts and all... So I really hope to be accepted to the group and get to play with Anna again! Oh how exciting and happy that would make me! You know, I might just go and start in on my application now. Oh, I think I'll go ahead and put links, because I'm a loser...

Hogwarts Life is the one I just applied for today.

Oraculum is the one I shall begin my application for.

Oh the excitement and happiness! Oh crap! I forgot to mention something in my application for Hogwarts Life... It asked for RP experience, so I mentioned all my HP RPG experience, but I forgot to mention when I was playing a character in an insane asylum. It was a real good RPG but it fell apart because people stopped posting, and I started being the only one doing anything, and that doesn't work well. But oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

Anyways, I applied for Anthony Goldstein in Hogwarts Life and will be applying as Luna Lovegood in Oraculum. Fun stuff! Woot woot!

Ummmmmm........ I can't think of anything else to say right now! Loff you all!


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