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Okay, I just got back from seeing Corpse Bride! It was spectacular, as I assumed it would be! Anyways, I can't go into detail about it now, I must be leaving for work shortly, but I will be updating in the near future, telling all about it!

Now, I just have to rub this first part in the faces of everyone I luff in the Bay Area. Guess how much my ticket cost? $4!!!!!!!


Next, Aelf! I had to see it alone because all my friends up here were either in class or at work or busy... and the whole time I was mourning the lack of Aelf with me to laugh at the film with me and to make fun of me when I teared up! (Though I must point out, I kept myself from actually crying, so I'm proud of myself! Hehe.)

Ummmmm..... I can't think of anything else at the mo.

I still need to get my costume for GoF together. I'll be going by the thrift store before work (it's a block away, Elite Repeat!), so I best be heading off.

Oh, and if anyone has a good suggestion for my Halloween costume, I'm open for ideas at the time!


Luff you all! *hugs and glomps*


PS Does anyone have any Wicked icons?
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