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Okay, so I turn in my application at B&N, and they say I probably won't even hear from them because I'm not available all the time. Meh, okies... so I go on to Pier 1 Imports and fill out an app, and I think it looks fine, nothing spectacular, not really expecting to hear from them... Then, I am heading over to a local bookstore that I could potentially do some holiday work for to drop off my resume, when I am going by this place called Shuberts. Now, Shuberts is a local candy and ice cream shop (with the best of both, in my opinion!) that I've gone to for longer than I can remember! And I've always wanted to work there, so I decide to go in and see if they're hiring! Well, turns out they are, the guy I was talking to is the manager, he likes me, my resume, my class schedule, my cheeriness, tells me he can't say for certain but I've basically got the job. What do I find when I get home? A message from him telling me I've got the job and I start training next Tuesday! I'm going to make chocolates and ice cream! How cool is that!!!!???

*so happy*
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